Georgia Blooms in Spring

So, right now it is dark and stormy in Georgia… But these stormy nights produce beautiful days full of color, so I figured I would share some of the color choir that is around my house.

First, we have the view outside the front door, where the azaleas are singing:


Then, we get backup vocals from the ornamental pear:


Finally, there is a lot of promise coming from the front bed: where there are begonias, dianthis, lilies and a lady in red ready to burst forth.


The one thing I don’t really like, however, is the view from the street, we get all this color, but the neighbors see this:


Thus, I think some more azaleas are in order.

Otherwise, there are a lot more pictures and closeups and enlargement of these pictures, and they are here


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An Open Letter to All Podcasters

Dear Podcasters.

I have come across an alarmingly common occurrence and despite all rationalizations and empathy I still find it to be one of the most infuriating things you can possibly do: Soliciting content, and then being picky and/or forgetful.

You beg, you plead, you give your listeners voicemail numbers and email addresses and close down the show asking them to contribute… and then when they do… you don’t play it, read it, or even respond with some sort of email. “Thanks, we might not be able to use it, but it took time and we appreciate the effort”.

What the Shit guys?

That is probably the worst thing you can do to a listener: Ask them to do something and then when they do it, ignore it. You are asking them to expend effort, people who think you are neat enough to download your show that probably have to work up courage to interact (I know I usually have to try and record a voicemail 3 times to feel comfortable with it), and then you ignore those attempts at interaction.

It’s snubbing. It’s akin to the same high-school “oh you’re so not worth it” cold shoulder bullshit that should have been left back in high school… and the podcasters who do this aren’t high-school aged by any means.

You very well may not have had the intention to piss me off. You very well might be busy, or scatterbrained, or just non-responsive from some fear of hurting my feelings because what I turned in wasn’t right for your show… but it feels like I’m being ignored, and I’m not worth your time, and I hate it. Especially when you begged for attention in every show.

Granted, you might be busy, you might be so inundated with requests and voicemails and funny stories that the stuff from your closest friends won out in your limited time… but you usually don’t mention that… you just do your little subset and make no mention of the stuff that got dropped, and you don’t send an email to the people who got dropped either. Then you go on to beg for content and donations.

Well, guess what. I am not submitting to you anymore. I’m not going to send you comments or articles or voicemails or emails. I’m not going to send you electronics or cash. I’m not going to send you referrals or reviews. Because you have proven to me multiple times that you don’t have your shit together enough to follow through. You are the flaky dates of the pod-o-sphere and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t deal with flaky, irresponsible people because they PISS me OFF.

Now, there are many podcasters who are WONDERFUL with their interaction follow up. They should know this doesn’t apply to them, and if you are one of the podcasters I regularly converse-with, you are going well beyond the call of what I need from a podcaster I send things to. Usually the necessity boils down to “an email with ‘thanks’ some where in the body”.

Thank you for your time,
– me

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Commuting again.

This past week, I spent a significant portion of three days sitting in my car in Atlanta traffic. I am going to be doing it a lot more than I was over the next month.

I have been placed on a project with the CDC, it is really neat, and it involves sitting in a lab doing neat stuff with neat technologies. The strange thing is that the CDC is a quite secure place, so I need to be escorted all over the place, and I feel like I am inconveniencing people. Thus, there have already been several incidents of “Oh, I stood out here ten minutes longer than I needed to because I thought calling you would be annoying.”

And it is annoying, but it needs to be done while I am on-boarding, so I will have to deal with it.

Otherwise, tomorrow is going to be exciting, we are doing the Jurassic Park rifftrax… and Wierd Al is going to be the guest of honor on the Riff Trak. I am also having the lions share of people over… and it will be glorious.

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The final two weeks

It is the final two weeks of class, I enter them charged with the Thanksgiving sanity check and lots of turkey leftovers. it is a time for joy, pain, and sleep deprivation, this is a lot of big final projects, and that is why you probably wont see much of me.

Good luck to you all, and I apologize in advance for any sleep deprived cranky attitude, rest assured, thou art still cool in mine eyes.

sorry, long time no BB

Well, I am taking 10 minutes from my hectic life to sit back and reflect, and I guess this means I get to bombard you with the resulting stream of semi-conciousness

Either way, I am happy because I am getting some work done, and I seem to have shut off the part of my brain that continuously loops on how much I have to be doing (then it reads a high level and triggers the angst generator).

This is probably a good thing, considering the fact that high levels of angst about anything tends to make me not want to deal with it… in the cases of work/friends/involvement in society/eating, such aversions are bad(tm).

Also, I am happy because a good friend is visiting. Not that I haven’t managed to not piss off said good friend a number of times over silly misunderstandings… but the conclusion that they were silly misunderstandings was quickly reached and there was low bloodshed.

I also seem to be getting a wierd level of thrift just by calculating the amount of time I would have to enjoy said thing to buy (henceforth referred to as Shiny Object)… and the level of guilt I would have by playing with the Shiny Object I just bought when I didn’t really have time to… and the chances of the shiny object persisting (and probably losing cost) beyond the time I would be superbusy with schoolwork. Alas DVD box sets/cars, you will have to be waited on.

I will go into my appliance/idiosyncracy rant later

Posting in Lynx from networking class

Wow, I really underestimated the power of text-based web browsers, not to mention how incredibly boring learning about AFS cells can be. The guy who is here teaching it is very good, I just think that the subject material is that boring.
Ok, I get it, NFS is not nearly as reliable, and AFS is not nearly as fast. I wonder how muhc iSCSI is planning to change this.
Also, did I mention how much I love wireless and a laptop :)
Ah well, back to class for me.

Console Games just mere feet away…

and yet here I am in front of a computer messing with the bulletin board and the website in general. :roll:

well, it’s also because the gamecube is limited in number of ports (IE, 4) for the number of people (IE, 6)

what is it about console gaming with lots of people that is so much fun? there is allways a good chance that you will be mediocre at best. It is probably the chance that you manage to be the last set of ice-climbers surviving after giving marth a hammer to the back, then the little controller vibrates telling you that you are luckier this time around :?

oh well, I guess it is the nature of 5 class semesters to beat the gamer out of me, either that or I have considered DDR the best thing to devote most of my gaming skill too. Hmm DDR, there are some pictures and video to eventually put on this website. Until then, I reccomend, because Mike has a much better (IE, digital) camera than I do at the moment.

oh, and there are some really interesting shots of me in zombie DDR state

“must play DDR …. need it…. guuh”


Firsties is a privelege that I think all web admins get to have on a website that took a couple of months to finally get set up.

In the meantime, this is the culmination of a stable Gnu/Linux (RedHat 8.0) build with working mysql and Apache servers that happily integrate with PHP (well, that is after you get all the user permissions set correctly)

I would like to thank the DULUG (Duke Linux Users Group ) group for helping me and being patient with my non-grokking. Hopefull there will be a number of other success stories, and they will outnumber the “whoopsie, I chmodded a bunch of stuff from the root directory and put a * in the wrong place again” type horrer stories.

In the meantime, I am a Student at Duke University in my senior year, My main project happens to be Pachinko, a webserver based on the brilliance of SEDA and ACE (yay c++ thread package goodness) I am also winding up a Linux scholar project, a webpage/database interface for the Duke sports clubs, and generally going batty with the large amounts of work I get to do.

Hopefully, I will also find time to be wittesque (like grotesque but wittier) and punny for your amusement, or you can just laugh at the wierd things that happen to and around me.