Listen to me on AmeriNZ

This last weekend, Arthur of the AmeriNZ Podcast and I chatted about a great many things and that Sneaky Kiwi turned a recording device on for some of it so he could turn it into a show!

I would be totally upset if he wasn’t such a sweet interviewer and hadn’t warned me in advance of his Evil Plans.

So,  head on over and listen to his latest episode to hear me yammer on about life, the internet, and everything.  I had a lot of fun recording the interview with him because he’s just such a sweet and intelligent guy (who by all means didn’t have to extend such a kind invitation).  And check back here soon because I managed to interview him back (Haha!  Sweet Revenge!)

Pop Tarts

A youtube exploration.

Here is a video by Britney Spears.
Here is a video by Christina Aguilera
Here is a video by Lady Gaga.

And here is the video that I keep thinking of every time I see one of their new videos: Tanya Murphy the Pop Star…

Holy crap did the makers of Monster In Law nail that one…

…and now that song will be stuck in your head. “If… you… wanna know meeee… how gooooood or baaaaad I can beeeee… take a look inside my make. up. baayaaag.”

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Even more of Peter and the Smart

While I was in DC, I met Tim Corrimal from the Go Rainbow Radio and There Are Some Who Call Me Tim podcasts. He was nice enough to have me on episode 72 of the latter… and now he has posted a video he took with his Flip Camera of me driving the smart around the parking lot, putting the roof rails in, and reading the FAQ from the owners of the car.

Enjoy the video here!

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