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The Podcast and Blog are where you entered.  I have a lot of fun meeting new people because they like the craziness I record and are nice enough to contact me.

The Photo Gallery is where I put several of the fun pictures of me and my new and old friends.

Here is a much longer history pulled liberally from a post I made during my last revision:

Okay, so waaaaaay back in 2001 I decided I would try blogging.  I promptly edited a single html page on my old duke domain (http://www.duke.edu/~pmw3 (no, it’s not there anymore)) about 30 times in raw HTML for roughly 25 posts worth of content, and it sucked and it was horrible and time consuming

Then I watched as a friend set up this really awesome forum software called ‘phpBB2′ which he used as a blog and forum on his site.  So I set up the same thing on a box in my dorm room and had a weedy little front page that sort of went “here is my site, here is the forum/blog here are some pictures” and it was very web 0.7.

I eventually got a domain name and a dns service and pointed the internet to it by means of ‘petermwhite.net’ .   I went around on the forum and the Internet under the moniker ‘psyton’.   The box containing this whole hodgepodge moved and grew with me a bunch… A couple of times the box had something die and take the site with it.  Eventually I started getting a bit more serious about blogging and having a nice site for people to visit so I spruced things up a bit.

Thus, around 2004 I got a nifty bit of software called “phpbb front page” which made it so that the most recent posts that I added to the forum were splashed up on the front page.  Also around this time I realized that roughly 43,531 things were already identified by ‘psyton’ so I made up a word, checked google to make sure someone else hadn’t made it up yet, played with domain registries again and thus was born epilonious.net.

The problem with the phpbb front page thing is that it was sort of a hack that made a forum/message board look like a blog, and didn’t take advantage of all those nice fluffy easy-to-work-with WYSIWYG and embedding tools that new blogging software type things (wordpress, typepad, blogger) had.  In fact, it sort of made it a bit difficult to do things like embedding so that random new users couldn’t join up an immediately start spamming.  But I dealt with it.

I also dealt with the fact that the entire website was running off a little linux box in the back closet of the guest room of my house over my Bellsouth/AT&T DSL line.   But hey, it was mostly text data with a few pictures and the connection could handle it, and all five of my readers could deal with the fact that whenever there was a storm or a hardware failure, they wouldn’t be able to laugh at my silliness.

When it came time for me to start podcasting, with the help of a fellow podcaster, I set up remote hosting.  Namely because I didn’t want people pulling large amounts of MP3 data from a little box in my back closet using up all of my upload bandwidth.  Thus, I had ambivalent websites.  Epilonious.net being my blog and sort of ‘old school’ website, and epilonicast.net/theydontknow being the fancy new wordpress podcast.

I quickly found out that every time I posted something on one, I would have to cross link everything else, or I would get bitched-at.  The phenomenon went something like this:  People would want to look at something on my site (latest episode of  They Don’t Know usually) go to epilonious.net, and if I forgot to put the cross-link up, they would not think to go to epilonicast.net,  give up and write me an email (or sass me on their podcast) and I would feel bad.  Also, they would usually see that I had links for some podcasts on epilonious.net, but not theirs (even though I had it up on the epilonicast.net) and send me a sassy email or voicemail.  Thus, if something on one site was out of line with something on another site, I would get sassed by somebody.

So, up to the new year, I decided to make epilonious.net and epilonicast.net (and petermwhite.net) all be the same thing.  I also decided to upgrade everything I could control to a newer version in the process so I could deal with the new advances in technology that have happened over the past 2 years or so.   Thus, I spent last night upgrading phpBB2 to phpBB3 (very pretty and nice if you go to the forums you will see that).   I also brought over my coppermine galleries.

Thus, I have one big website.  I will probably still be making a bunch of simultaneous posts and links (I still want to have the option for forum discussions on juicier topics and podcast episodes and the like) but at least it will be a lot harder for people to end up in the wrong place, and it will also mean less mess due to power outages and hardware failures.

Also, there are a lot of changes I am still planning to make, and I would love your suggestions.

Please leave a comment, or, if you have a really long thought and want to join the discussion, please visit the forum post here.

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