After about 2 years, the project I had at Gillem Enclave (South Atlanta, near the airport) is over .  Thus, my 70-85 mile daily commute during rush hour is also over.  My next project looks to have me mainly working-from-home with occasional travel to my company’s mother-ship in downtown Atlanta and even less occasional travel to the DC-area.  Today will be the first day I haven’t made the commute, and there is naturally some adjustment while I plan and deal.  A few things that that keep running through my head:

  • I am getting back roughly 2-3 hours a week-day, and $50 a week… I am also getting back emotional and willpower strength, as I will not have to concentrate really hard on being courteous in traffic
  • I am shifting from an application support role to an application research and develop role and stand in front of folks and be a smartypants showing off my research and development… which is ostensibly what I want and what I keep telling myself and others that I want.  The application I’ll be researching is also nifty, in one of my stronger tech bases, and has plenty of room for expansion and improvement.
  • I’ll get to work from home a bunch

Now.  These are both blessings and curses.  Blessings in the fact that they are humongous, lovely gifts from the universe and my job, which are often lucrative and satisfying… and curses in that they are things I’ve quietly been asking and hoping-for;  which are like gigantic credit-card-based checks from the Bank of Trouble. I am in a RuPaul’s Drag Race situation:  “Here Eppy!  It’s all the chances you’ve been wanting in a big shiny box with a humongous pretty bow, now go forth and build these opportunities into splendor and the satisfaction of your goals and dreams… and DON’T… Fuck it up.

Today has been very much about unpacking the box, opening the presents, inventorying all the parts, and skimming the instructions.  My goals are by Friday to have professional and personal plans about which things I want to start first prepared, committed to memory, and shared with appropriate parties.  If anything so we can laugh at them later.   Now, I not going to share my professional plans here one because I consider them BrainProduct owned by my company… and two because they would bore the living snot out of you.  If you really want to know, hit me up in comments or emails… and stick around as I’ll probably blather on about The Neat Thingy I Get To Play With and Make Better and Talk About To Other Smart People on future podcasts and rants.  But the private goals I do want to share with you, as I hope to share the benefits.

  • Most of the time and willpower I win back can be spent on Not Work Stuff.  That means more
    • Reading/Listening:  Of blogs, new blogs, podcasts, and new podcasts
    • Writing/Recording:  Of blogs and podcasts
    • Personal Betterment: Like going from hovering around 230 lbs to hovering around 200 lbs (which is simple enough by tracking what I eat so I am honest about when I’ve Had Enough for That Day… and going to the gym… which I have more time and willpower for).
    • Mild Home Improvement: which is less about bathroom renovation and more about keeping surfaces swept and/or scrubbed and presentable.  The goal is to keep the house up well enough that any Eric requests are actually going to be really helpful to him as opposed to just “If you’re going to be home all the time why don’t you clean up this mess”?
    • Presentation:  Of my house, of my baked goods, of movie nights and general gatherings.

Needless to say I’m kind of excited.

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