They Don’t Know Video #021; 2013 Mazda2 Touring Rental Car

In this video, I go over a 2013 (or maybe it was a 2012) Mazda2 Touring rental car my friend Mark got from a rent-a-car service.  The video was taken back in November, 2012 and I am just now getting around to editing, compressing and posting it.  I now remember why I might have procrastinated… poor little laptop from 2009 had to CHUG.

I have coveted the Mazda2 ever since it came to the states… namely because it reminds me of a car that I was imprinted-upon as a child as the coolest thing ever: the 1988 Geo Metro subcompact.  I think my love for a car that can otherwise be described as a cheap, gutless penalty box that looks like a shoe came from it’s massive utility envelope:  they were all hatchbacks with fold-down rear seats… meaning they could haul as much as most compact pickup trucks without exposing them to the elements… They could seat 4 people reasonably comfortably since the shoe-like styling gave them a high roof for bench seating… and they got ~53 mpg regardless of hills, highways, or stuffed to the gills with people and crap.  Some car rag had “we need to punish four new journalists so we’re going to make them all take a Geo Metro on a road trip” back in the day and the four journalists were like “well, it’s cheap and there’s tons of wind noise and we had to get some pillows to mock up lumbar support and the teeny, tiny, skinny tires mean you are told about every bump in the road… but we’ll be damned if it didn’t make 53 MPG even in the mountains and never gave us any problems”

Unfortunately, the geriatric drivetrain (1.6 through a 4-speed auto or 5-speed manual), Mazda’s tune for sportiness, and the added weight of safety mean that the Mazda2 really only gets about 36 MPG… which means that I would do better sneaking up to a Mazda3 SKYACTIV hatchback or a Mazda6 SKYACTIV Diesel… if I don’t find some way to fanagle my way into a electric car by the time I need to replace my main commuter.  But if they make a SKYACTIV Mazda2, it’s right back up on the top of the list.
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